Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More progress and good news

I've been working on a big presentation for the day job so I've had less time lately, but I have still been making progress. I finished the update to the test window and I'm moving into integrating it with the standalone quizzer. That will be the last feature in the standalone quizzer so it really feels like that is getting much closer. The class I was going to teach next semester (Game Development) was canceled so it that is no longer going to impact the schedule, I was starting to get a little stressed out about not getting anything out so now I have one less thing on the plate and the class will happen in Fall 09.

On a side note, if you are going to call me and leave a message, please also consider sending me an e-mail as well. E-mail is much easier for me to respond to and calls only seem to cause delays to your solution. If you do send me e-mail, please also make sure to check your bulk mail for the answer or add my address (wood at side8.com) to your address book or valid addresses because there have been a bunch of people that think I don't respond, but then they find out that they are blocking my responses.

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